Is a comprehensive program which applies a holistic approach that embraces whole, nutritious foods to empower your body to tap into its fat reserves as the main energy source and with an equally important focus on behaviour modification for a lasting shift in mindset for long term outcomes and view towards permanent results.

Welcome to BeTrim
What we do

Hello and welcome to the BeTrim program.

We have been helping people for many years achieve their individual health goals.

From improving their health by dropping the excess kilos to controlling blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, we have worked with thousands of people for over 40 years to change their life and regain their confidence through a a scientific based approach to diet change, as well as looking at he behaviour modifications necessary to maintain results long term.

BeTrim is a holistic program that incorporates real food, to help you utilise your fat stores as the primary source of energy and change your mindset for permanent results. It is a carefully designed eating program that consistently achieves successful weight loss, and improves many weight-related health issues, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, PCOS, Insuline resistance and diabetes.

Real Food

Strict REAL Food Programs (3 meals a day – no skipping or substituting meals)

Scientifically Proven

Scientifically proven diet regime – no theories, no fads

Up to 4kg per week

The BeTrim program allows for maximum weekly fat loss. On average men lose up to 4 kilos per week and women up to 2kilos per week.

40 + Year of experience

Our programs has stand the test of time.
It has been running for more than 40 years and is evolving /effective?

Weekly Check-up

Weekly chemical testing ensures weekly success and overall health and wellbeing. You are monitored and supported through the entire process.

Anywhere, Anytime

Our programs are available 100% online and we still offer 1-on-1 support. Distance is not an issue anymore, you can join wherever in the world you are and you will get the same level of accountability. We have people from 7 other countries.

Real Results. Real Food.

BeTrim is a holistic program that is not about starving yourself by replacing meals or skipping meals. Instead you will still be able to have real, healthy meals using the BeTrim science of Smart Sugars, Smart Proteins, Smart Fibre, Smart Supplements and Smart Fat. A strict REAL FOOD program – that I will personalize for your needs during our initial consultation.


Satisfied Clients

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How does it work?

Losing weight is not just about counting calories.

It’s about changing your mindset, your relationship with food and your relationship with yourself. The most important part of my job as I support you through your weight loss journey is to assist you in untangling the subconscious blocks that have stopped you from losing weight until now – and this is the part that most weight loss programs are missing – hence why so many people fail to reach and maintain their health goals.

With BeTrim you don’t get a one size fits all approach. You will receive personalise guided support with weekly check ins (depending on program chosen) to help you overcome the blocks that have kept you from success in the past.

What can I expect?

Increased energy, no hunger, no more brain fog, a sense of control, and overall feeling of well being.

Weight is a bonus. We are not a weight watcher program, we want you to experience changes that will last.

4KG / WeeK

Most men lose on average 3-4 kgs per week.

2KG / WeeK

Most women lose on average 1.5-2 kgs per week.

Be Trim Virtual

Our program is also available 100% online. So it doesn’t matter anymore where you live, we can help you achieve your health goals.

With our online program, you will get the same level of accountability as the in-person. We will organise our weekly 1-on-1 meetings that works for your time zone. 

scientifically proven method

At BeTrim we know that fat loss is never just about losing fat. Becoming trim is about changing your mindset, your relationship to food and your relationship with yourself.

BeTrim is a holistic program that incorporates real food, to help you utilise your fat stores as the primary source of energy and change your mindset for permanent results.

From Our Clients

We have had a 100% success rate over the last 40 years.
Let them tell you.

"Thank you Maria and BeTrim for my life changing experiences."

As she nears the end of her journey in June 2016, Sofia has currently lost 35 kilos and every aspect of her life (and her familys’) has changed unbelievably.


"Within 8 weeks I dropped 2 dress sizes and 10 kilos"

I knew Maria had helped family members of mine in the past and decided to bite the bullet and give her a call. It was meeting Maria that was the life changer for me. She finally unlocked for me the mystery that was weight loss.


"New Years’ Resolution - 6 Months Later and 30 Kilos Lighter"

I quit smoking in the early 2000’s and replaced my smoking addiction with an food addiction.

I needed to feel good about myself again. I hadn’t been following BeTrim or long before I started feeling different and seeing results, but most importantly my day wasn’t consumed by thoughts of food and what I was going to eat next.

I started feeling liberated and in control, clarity and positivity soon followed and before long I was 30kgs less.


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