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At BeTrim, we get it, losing fat isn’t easy, achieving results means a transformative shift in mindset, relationship with food, and self-perception. It’s a journey not without its challenges and that’s why we are here to guide and support every person along the way.

Effecting lasting results means commitment to sustained health-conscious choices – not only getting healthy but staying there.

BeTrim’s foundation is firmly rooted in scientific principles, supported by a wealth of rigorous research. It is a holistic dietary program that emphasises eating real, nourishing foods to harness your body’s fat stores as the primary energy source, while at the same time fostering enduring shifts in your cognitive framework. Basically not only changing how we eat but how we think!

The BeTrim system is a nutritional program, consistently proven effective for weight loss and addressing and improving many other health concerns, such as hypertension, cholesterol management, PCOS, insulin resistance, and diabetes to name a few.

BeTrim’s natural approach kickstarts a transformation in your body’s chemistry and metabolism, resulting in the reduction of excess fat while preserving essential muscle and bone mass.

Unlike traditional calorie deficit methods – “eat less to lose weight” we initiate hypoglycemic (low sugar) ketosis to facilitate fat loss. Not weight loss, there is a big difference!

BeTrim is a holistic program that incorporates real food, to help you utilise your fat stores as the primary source of energy and change your mindset for permanent results.

Meet Maria

Maria is the founder of BeTrim and holds a very personal motivation and is deeply dedicated to the pursuit of good health and nutrition.

After a graduating with Degree in Communications and working in various private and public sectors Maria decided to follow her passion for health and nutrition and from this BeTrim was born in March 2003. Maria’s commitment to this field is evident as she has recently successfully completed a diploma in nutritional psychology and is currently in the process of earning a degree in herbal medicine and naturopathy.

Maria Savvides

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