Another person changes their life

Thank you, thank you, thank you….

The BeTrim Program and your coaching has provided me my journey to lose weight, and more importantly, helped me to regain my confidence to look at myself in the mirror again and changed my outlook on how and when to make all the right choices about what I eat and when I eat it.

It is incredible how much change can be made by focusing on your BeTrim Program for just 13 weeks.

Stephanie Tullis

The flexibility of the program allowed me to make all the right choices when it came to eating.

Yes, I had to measure and weigh all my meals, yes I had to be disciplined and focused, yes I had to get through that pounding headache in the first few days while detoxing, and yes I had to be true to myself.

Now I can say no to the size 44” pants I was wearing, no to the size 3XL-4XL shirts, no to the heavy breathing and snoring, and no to any reflux I was suffering (and all the tablets that was needed to keep it under control).

My work had me travel away from home while on your BeTrim Program (including 5 days overseas and an interstate trip of 4 days), and because your Program is designed the way that it is, I was able to eat all the right foods and still lose weight, so thank you very much for that extra coaching and support during my two trips away from home.

At 51 years old and can’t remember the last time I felt so good and positive about myself following this fantastic program. I started the program weighing approximately 112.2 kilograms (and that was after losing about 4-5kg myself before starting) and now weigh a healthier 90-91 kilograms and fitting into size 36” pants and size L shirts and polo’s…. love it!!!

Now, 3 weeks out of the main program, your maintenance program has helped me to maintain my focus and keep my weight stable.

Thank you Coach Maria, you really have provided me a platform to continue my journey in making all the right choices when enjoying all my meals.

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