Maria and her Be Trim program gave me back my life!

I am 79 years of age, and my body was reminding me of my age. In August 2016, it all caught up with me. I was suffering increasing pain in my back, hips and knees. Getting up the stairs was torture. I didn’t have strength in my legs and was pulling myself up the stairs by using the handrails.

I had a consultation with my GP who ordered a CT scan and some anti-inflammatory medication. My scan showed severe arthritis in my spine, hip and knee. He suggested losing weight and exercising such as swimming. I immediately addressed both of these suggestions and was able to stop the medication.

Maria looked after the weight reduction side. I lost over 10 kilos and am now on a maintenance plan. I see Maria monthly to keep myself on track.

I now have no problems with the stairs, am pain free and extremely happy.

Just a little hint. Every morning after breakfast, I prepare my lunch and dinner and put in fridge ready. If I don’t do this, when meal time comes, I am tired, lazy, impatient and go for quick fix which is usually unhealthy.

I am extremely grateful to Maria and her excellent program. Thank you plus plus plus Maria!!

Good Luck to all those who want to change their life. Believe me, its worth it!!”

Regards Barbara