BeTrim Virtual Plus - Weight Loss Program

BEtrim Virtual Plus


  • Weekly Face-to-Face online check-in
  • Lose up to 12 kilos in 4 weeks*
  • Online Personal Guidance
  • No lock-in contact
  • Weekly Accountability
  • 4-week program
  • Available anytime, anywhere

*Based on an average weight lost for a healthy male of 3-4kg per week and female 1.5-2kg per week.

Also available in person

If you are located in Sydney, you can also come to visit us at the clinic for your weekly appointments. Learn more about the face-to-face options with our BeTrim Classic Program.

why betrim virtual plus?

Are you leading a busy lifestyle, juggling the pressures of family and work? BeTrim Virtual is the weight loss solution for you.

BeTrim Virtual Plus is a 4-week program ideal for today’s busy lifestyle. Your BeTrim pack will be sent to your door and you have online access to our Virtual Clinic. You will also have your weekly reviews online with one of our professional team of consultants.

Under the BeTrim Virtual Plus program you will check-in to the BeTrim Virtual Clinic each week to record your details and provide monitoring information for the BeTrim team to review.  They will be able to see your progress and discuss it during your weekly appointments.

The BeTrim Virtual Plus program starts with an initial 4-week program to allow effective weight loss without expensive lock-in contracts. You could realistically lose up to 12 kilos* in the next 4 weeks!

*Based on an average weight lost for a healthy male of 3-4kg per week and female 1.5-2kg per week.

Program Inclusions

This initial program includes:


Weekly online Consultations via Skype

Online access to the BeTrim clinic during the 4-week program


4 x Virtual Appointments


2 x BeTrim AAF (among acid & fibre supplements - your choice of flavours)


1 x BeTrim MVM (multivitamin & mineral supplement)


1 x BPA-free shaker


1 x Ketostix

Program Literature


Free Delivery - Typically next day delivery within Australia if orders placed before 10am (exceptions apply)

BeTrim Classic

What Results Can I expect?

Losing weight is rarely just about eating too much food. Understanding our behaviour when we eat, why we eat,  what we eat is integral establishing a healthy and positive relationship with food and maintaining our weight.

The BeTrim system is not about only losing weight, it’s about education and behaviour modification.It will allow you to gain insight into your own established patterns of behaviours, understand your shopping hapbits, gain clear understanding of healthy portion sizes and what healthy (not just thinner) actually feels like.

BeTrim is a holistic approach which will not only help you lose the excess kilos (or pounds), but leave you healthier (improved, BSL, blood pressure, cholestrol etc) and with a greater understanding of healthy eating habits which will help you as you transition to life after BeTrim and long term maintenance of your health goals.

Special dietary requirements?
We haven’t had anyone we couldn’t accommodate yet…

We can tailor the program to accommodate most dietary requirements.

Next Step

After the initial program, BeTrim Virtual is available in two, four, six and eight week bundles to help you achieve your goals and save money.

You can calculate which bundle will be most suitable for your weight loss journey by referring to our ‘Weight to Time‘ chart

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We are with you, every step of the way

BeTrim Virtual Plus is our online weight loss program that has a proven track record of success. With weekly appointments with our consultant, you get all the physical and emotional support you need to reach your goals.


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