Diabetic, PCOS or Insulin Resistant…Is BeTrim OK for me

I’m diabetic – I have PCOS – I am Insulin Resistent – Is BeTrim OK for me?

I hear this question at least once a week – here is my response.

In most cases when the BeTrim Weight Loss Program is followed strictly there is a significant reduction in BSL’s (Blood Sugar Levels), often seeing readings return to within normal ranges both in the case of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

I’m diabetic – I have PCOS – I am Insulin Resistent – Is BeTrim OK for me to do?

Typically insulin dependent people will reduced their insulin units as well as type of insulins from fast acting, to slower acting over time whilst adhering to the BeTrim program, eventually leading to some not having to take their insulin at all. Of course this is always strictly monitored and as advised by your GP or specialist.

Generally speaking insulin resistant people have reversed their condition soley through the BeTrim program and improving their receptor cell sensitivity.

Diabetes and BeTrim Weight Loss Program

So what happens exactly?

BeTrim is all about balancing blood sugar (blood glucose) levels. Beyond weight loss, clients follow a strictly monitored low-carb diet program to keep their blood sugar normal and stable.

The glycemic response (changes in bloodd sugar) of the body to a carbohydrate is very important when looking at what causes increased insulin production.

Basically what happens to your blood sugars when you eat a type of food?

Whilst on the BeTrim program the carbohydrate intake is very low. This is done deliberately to facilitate and support the persons’ body in a phase of converting fatty tissue (stored energy) back into carbohydrate for energy conversion giving the body access to a huge amount of energy in reserve.

Therefore the need for insulin production is greatly reduced whilst in this phase, and the persons’ pancreas goes into a standby mode. As soon as the body needs the pancreas to jump into action and produce insulin it does.

Not only is the glycemic index of foods on BeTrim important (low carbohydrate) its also about serving size (portions people!)

Eating a whole lot of a low glycemic carbohydrate food will still raise your blood glucose.

BeTrim has been worked out to be just enough carb for minimum food intake, maximum fat burn, fat and protein to keep people feeling satiated and energised while simultaneously ensuring the individuals nutritional level is optimal by taking supporting supplements.

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