Food Guilt? The dread of any weight loss program

Good Morning and welcome to the day after the long weekend! I trust everybody had an awesome time and made the most off the pristine weather and extra day off – and OF COURSE a special shout out to SHARKIES fans who have waited 49 years for their team to bring home a premiership – see persistence pays off – well done Sharks!

Food Guilt on your Weight Loss Program

Over the weekend I received a few messages from BeTrimmers who were feeling a little contrite and down right physically sick from getting caught up in the moment (or in some cases 3 days ) of too much food and too much alcohol.

What started off as  “I’ll only have 1 drink”, or “a little slice” turned into a succession of too many drinks and lots of slices and in some cases continued all weekend.

A post binge food hangover coupled with guilt – we’ve all been there and now what a horrible combination it is!

My response has been the following  –

Simply whats done is done, you cant un-ring a bell, so with that in mind let what’s happened go.

Starting now, yes right now make the commitment to get back in control.Don’t rationalise I’ll start tomorrow, there are tomorrows every day, begin now.

Make the commitment to yourself that, TODAY I will plan and portion my meals, TODAY I will go for a walk or hit the gym, TODAY I throw away or give away all the left over cakes, snack, and junk in the fridge and cupboard. TODAY I get back on track and continue towards being back in control and feeling great.

Don’t let 1 meal, or 1 day or 1 weekend completely derail you. A weekend of badchoices doesn’t rub out all the good choices and progress you have made to date. Always remind yourself how far you’ve come, and continue with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment as when you first decided to get healthy and take control of your life.

It was only a bump in the road and taking the positive from this; you NOW KNOW exactly what NOT TO DO to avoid feeling like this again.

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