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At BeTrim we know that fat loss is never just about losing fat. Becoming trim is about changing your mindset, your relationship to food and your relationship with yourself.

BeTrim is a holistic program that incorporates real food, to help you utilise your fat stores as the primary source of energy and change your mindset for permanent results.



Smart Proteins

Protein is the pillar of our bodies and is used to build, repair and power up your metabolism. BeTrim prescribes a diet of lean proteins and limits specific carbohydrate to produce a natural fat-burning reaction in your body. The result is your body is forced to use its fat stores for energy.


Smart Sugars

Despite what people often think all foods contain carbohydrates. Foods low in carbohydrates will prevent sugar spikes and keep your blood sugar and insulin on an even keel. This will help reduce your cravings and maintain good eating patterns. BeTrim limits the type and quantity of carbohydrate to ensure that your body uses its own fat stores for energy. The result is a trimmer and healthier YOU.


Smart Fibre

Fibre helps to bulk up your system, clean your insides and regulate your blood sugars.


Smart Supplements

Even overweight people often have malnutrition issues and lack key vitamins and minerals. The right supplement helps plug any gaps in your nutrition and boosts your bodys’ regeneration abilities.


Smart Fat

Essential fats are important for good health. BeTrim prescribes the right types of fat in the right amounts to ensure your brain and body continues to be a well-oiled machine and keep you feeling satiated.


Smart Activity

Gentle exercise is the smartest habit you can form. Not only will it help to reduce weight but getting active will help you dust off the brain cobwebs and feel happier and healthier and lay the foundations for a healthier future.


    • Strict, REAL foods program (3 meals a day)
    • Based on a scientifically-proven diet regime
    • Put your body into a controlled a state of mild hypoglycaemic ketosis, which is very different to hyperglycaemic ketosis, experienced by diabetics
    • Strictly limits carbohydrate intake, therefore its minimum intake for maximum fat burning
    • Keeps you in fat-burning mode with strict chemical monitoring
    • Strictly requires weighing of all foods to the nearest gram
    • Allows you lose up to 4 kilos* per week
    • Help you on the path to a trimmer and healthier YOU
    • Carefully designed, scientifically based eating program.
    • The food that you eat on the diet is 100% fresh and it’s food that you probably already have in your home. You will prepare your own meals.
    • Our programs teach you how to put together balanced, healthy meals in minimal time.
    BeTrim Classic
    BeTrim Rapid


    BeTrim is a strict, REAL food program. You will eat fresh vegetables, meats, eggs, cheese, fruit, tea, and coffee.

    Excluded foods include: all grain foods, such as breads, pasta, cereal, corn, rice, alcohol and sugar.

    BeTrim works by creating a food-induced chemical reaction. To ensure your body is scientifically supported, you will be prescribed:

    • a scientifically formulated amino acid supplement (AAF).
    • a scientifically formulated multi-vitamin and mineral supplement (MVM).

    Special dietary requirements? We haven’t had anyone we couldn’t accommodate yet…

    We can tailor the program to accommodate any special dietary requirements you have.

    BeTrim is a holistic program that incorporates real food, to help you utilise your fat stores as the primary source of energy and change your mindset for permanent results.

    I lost 17 kilos over 4 months, and have maintained my weight for a year now.

    Vasiliki Laskas

    4 Sep, 2018

    BeTrim gave me back my life!
    Believe me, its worth it!


    3 Sep, 2018


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