How do I even begin my weight loss journey?

After years of living unhealthy where do I even start to make changes in my weight loss journey?

A very typical question often lamented by clients I see. When you’ve eaten poorly and neglected your body for years and years through a lack of exercise and stress, the thought of losing weight or getting healthy, or changing bad habits can be down right over whelming.

Change is Hard when it comes to Weight Loss

My first response is always to tell people they need to applaud themselves for even starting the thought process to a healthier life – the saying what the brain conceives the body achieves is very very true – yay to you for starting to re-evaluate and question! So now what?

Well now that you know what you want, you need to be realistic in mapping the route to getting there. Don’t expect that in 2 weeks you will be bikini ready, or flaunting a 6 pack. There is no silver bullet or magic pill, the secret is hard work and commitment.


HOWEVER its not all negative, you can expect that in a lot less than 2 weeks you will be feeling about a million times better; greater energy, improved sleep quality, clarity in your thinking.

The human body actually bounces back very quickly as you are now feeding and nourishing it correctly and physically tuning it to return back to homeostasis (balance) which is always what our bodies strive for.

Of course the better you feel, the more inclined you are to stick to your new health regime, and as the results become more tangible ie compliments on how gorgeous your skin looks, regular clothes now too big, improved fitness, self confidence and self esteem improve etc , the feeling to keep going becomes addictive. You actually WANT to keep this up.

You don’t have to completely turn your life around in one foul swoop, small changes done consistently will set you on your way.

Here’s some tips

  • start taking your lunch to work
  • commit to drinking 2-3 litres of water every day
  • get up 15 minutes earlier and make breakfast
  • take the stairs instead of the lift where practical
  • park the car a little further away so that you are forced to walk more
  • spend more at the fruit market on fresh produce than packets at the supermarket
  • find something you enjoy doing, walking, stretching, swimming. When you enjoy something you are more inclined to continue doing it for at least 10 minutes a day to begin.

Theres heaps of ideas – you get my drift though.

Remember it takes about 21 days for behaviour to become habitual. Commit that you will do the same thing over and over and see how ‘normal’ it feels in under a month. Most importantly – don’t focus on what you feel you are missing out on, focus on what you have to gain!

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