How to avoid getting caught up in Christmas crazy

Tomorrow begins November – and what is colloquial known (and accepted as) the binge season.

Lets face it, regardless of who we are, even the strongest willed and disciplined of person has crumbled when faced with all the decadent treats, the festive food and wine on offer notoriously at this time of year.

We start with the best of intentions, and then life happens. Someone at work brings in a cake, or you get invited to an end of year concert, or an impromptu dinner get together.And so begins the mental gymnastics. How do we deal with all this while continuing towards our health goals? How do we avoid getting caught up in all this Christmas crazy?

In a perfect world nothing would come between us and our goals, there would be no distractions or hurdles to navigate, however this isn’t real life, and stuff happens and we need to be flexible enough to bend and flow with whatever way life is taking us at the time. I’m not saying to go for it, binge away, it is Christmas afterall…no what I’m saying is that irrespective of pace forward is forward – remember that. 100grams lost is better than 100grams gained.

Remind yourself of your goals, why you started on your health journey in the first place you will have enough clarity to make smart choices and minimise the effects of any deviations. It comes back to being MINDFUL

Choose wisely, and even if a menu doesn’t have something ‘healthy or clean” to ear, don’t be afraid to ask for what you would like. Don’t allow others to pressure you with the war cry of “oh come on, one won’t hurt” or “start tomorrow” – remember there are ‘tomorrows’ everyday. Set your boundaries and make sure people respect them. Remember you are the one that will need to deal with allk the regret, and self deprecating thoughts of ‘why did I do that?” the day after

Yep – its not easy. Nothing worthwhile is – despite what clever marketers have you believing. Not easy but so worth it. Christmas and New Year will come and go, make sure you don’t carry over the regrets and affects of them into the new year.

You deserve to be happy, we all do. Ensure yourself the happiness you deserve.

And remember Never give up!

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