I feel healthy. My anxiety is gone, will be forever grateful for this.

In January 2021 at 145kg I had made the decision and was preparing for bariatric surgery. Struggling with the decision I picked up the phone and and gave you a call. We reconnected again after many years. I was at my largest weight and lowest point in life with heightened anxiety about my health.  I didn’t know how I got here but I somehow did and I wasn’t really sure how I was going to get out of the mess i had made. But one thing i knew was that surgery was not the right decision for me.

So with my head in my hands and tears down my face I picked up the phone and dialed you. In February of 2021 I commenced my journey not really knowing where the path was going to take me but i knew it was going to be tough and I knew it wasn’t an easy fix. I made a commitment to myself that I needed to give this a real go and for at least 100 days. A 100 day detox from my every day life. I needed an intervention. I needed a break i needed a pause.

Thursday morning 7am was our catch up where we would talk about my struggles throughout the week that passed. Thinking back to the early days there were years and years of behavioural issues around food and drinking that needed to be broken and reconnected. As tough as it was, i never wavered and you were right behind my pushing me all the way. Straightening me up, re-aligning my thoughts, re-establishing my true values and beliefs that had been lost along the way.  And as time went on the results started to show.

It wasn’t smooth sailing, and there were speed humps along the way. But we planned for them and we got over them and got right back on the path.

Maria, I cant thank you enough for helping me turn my life around. It was a partnership. I followed your process and you re-adjusted my mind to a better normal and one that had been lost along the way. Thank you for helping me extend my life, feel happier, be more present for my family, have more clarity in my thoughts and make healthier choices to have longevity in life.

I know now this path i am on can have a steep and slippery slope, and I also knowthat this is something i have to constantly make sure I am staying on track. I don’t know what’s in stall for me in the future,  but what I do know is that I can reach out and hope you will be there to pick up the phone and get me back on track.

I also know i can fully trust that it works!!! It is proven
I am by no means skinny, but i am and feel healthy. My anxiety is gone.

Everyone’s job is a struggle and yours would be no different. But  your purpose in life is to help people like me turn it around and i am and will be forever grateful for this.

Thank you will never be enough. We will keep in touch.


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