When I first started BeTrim I weighed 85.5 kilos, I was devastated, upset and embarrassed. I didn’t want to leave the house being a 23 year old that’s what most people want to go is go out and enjoy life while being young. I knew I had to do something about my over weight problem. I got referred to see Maria from one of my relatives who also saw Maria.

From March 2018 until September 2018 (with a nice overseas holiday in between) I have lost 24.5 kilos now weighing 61 kilos all thanks to Maria if it wasn’t for Maria helping me every week telling me to never give up, focus on what I want to achieve.

Not only do I feel great but I now love being in the kitchen doing meal prep, organising my meals for the week, I always thought that when being on a diet you had to always eat salad and boring foods – I was so wrong, there are amazing recipes and I have learned to cooked over the 6 month period.

Maria has helped me weekly always encouraging me to keep going and not to give up, always giving me new recipes and ideas on my weekly meal preps.

Now being on the maintenance I still see Maria and still ask for questions and get the help I need, it’s very hard to lose weight and to maintain the weight off but with Maria’s help and still communicating I have found it very helpful and useful.

I can’t thank Maria and BeTrim enough, I recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight or even to get advice to go and see Maria as she’ll always be welcoming and always willing to help you out.

If I quit now I will soon be back to where I started and when I started, I was desperate to get where I am now