I initially decided to do BeTrim because I was unhappy with how I looked and felt every day. I was particularly embarrassed every time I saw a photo of myself.

So, it was an easy decision to start Be Trim – once I’d decided to finally make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

I lost 17 kilos over 4 months, and have maintained my weight for a year now.

I can’t recommend BeTrim enough – making the commitment to the program also includes committing to a weekly weigh-in with Maria – who is amazing. Had it not been for her encouragement, I wouldn’t have been able to take the leap and start my weight loss journey, or indeed stick with it until I reached my goal.
I can’t recommend Be Trim enough. Initially you might feel hungry (haha – it is a diet after all!), but once you actually stick to the diet properly, the results will absolutely blow you away. Every week when you step on the scales and see the numbers decreasing, you’ll be addicted to making sure you reach your goal – it’s that simple.

And looking back at what I used to look like, and how I look now, I’ll never go back to my unhealthy and lazy eating habits. Nothing tastes as good as being slimmer and healthier feels.

Thank you so much Maria – as I’m typing this, I’m just waiting for my pasta to boil hahha! That’s a plus for me – I’m a pasta lover, and on the maintenance part of the program, you can work pasta back into your diet!!!

Vasiliki Laskas