I lost 8kgs in 6 weeks and made a friend for life

I am a 45 woman married with kids and working. The last year I had put on 15kgs from eating badly. Once the jeans stopped going up past my thighs I started to cry and decided to get help from my local gym. I signed up for a 12 weeks program and lost 1kg.

Next I tried no carbs for 4-5 weeks lost 2kgs.
4 months of trying to lose the weight with no success I started to get depressed, so I went to my doctor and explained I was finding it difficult to lose weight.

Carolyn Shewan - BeTrim Success Story

He said it was my age !!! My metabolism at my age compared to when I was 35 had decreased a lot. So I left feeling even worse. Thinking that it will take me over a year to lose the extra weight I gained. I was so depressed.
Then an angel appeared (on the other end of the phone), Maria Savvides- I rang BeTrim

Having explained how I have tried 3-4 different ways to loose weight with no results or success. Maria assured me that if I do BeTrim I would definitely loose weight as there is science behind the program.

I was very excited to loose weight and started straight away.
6 weeks later I had lost 8kgs. Not only did I lose 8kgs from doing the BeTrim program but I got a mentor, a coach and I made friend for life.
Seriously I can’t thank you enough Maria, your knowledge, encouragement, strength and kindness will stay with me forever.
I hated myself before I did the programme and now I don’t. I can leave the house feeling confident and I am smiling again.
You are awesome !!!!!!!!!
Carolyn Shewan

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I have lost 24.5 kilos now weighing 61 kilos all thanks to Maria

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