It’s your choice

The panic siren has sounded loudly – people are literally freaking out! How can you stay on track of your health goals when there’s a steady stream of invites to Christmas party and year end get togethers’, and it isn’t letting up any time soon.

Some of the clients coming in have been downright anxious about how to navigate the next few weeks, and not fall victim to the Christmas carb carnage.

Here’s the thing, just because its Christmas, it’s really not excuse or reason for it to be a free for all. It isn’t a given that you always gain 5kgs during the holidays.

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You are totally in control and totally responsible for the choices you make; positive and negative.

Christmas is one day, and irrespective of how popular you are and how many functions you just can’t get out of, you do get a say in what goes in your mouth and how much you choose to eat and drink.

A little bit of thought and forward planning BEFORE the event will see you avoid the post Christmas/New Year sugar come down, and soul destroying rhetorical question ‘WHAT have I done and WHY?”

Here are some suggestions to help keep you in check now which you will be so grateful for sometime in January when reality hits!


Before you go to a function have a plan; decide on what you will eat and drink before you get there when plausible. Find out the type of food, ring the venue prior, ask what the menu consists of, ask questions. For example, “I will have the main meal of fish instead of pasta, skip entree and dessert and limit myself to 1 – 2 glass of alcohol. “

And once you’re done, you’re done. Do not keep relaxing the boundaries for yourself and give yourself permission for just a little bit more, and a little bit more again and so on and so on.

As weird as it may sound to query the menu, think about people who have intolerance, allergies and other dietary requirements. Its standard practice in modern times.


Really,  practice in the mirror saying “no thank you.” Say it with a smile and be polite, but say it like you mean it “No thank you” and stick to your guns.

The festive season is full of feeders, enablers and downright saboteurs, personally, this ‘oh but its Christmas” spiel that accompanies the ‘just have one  little piece’ does my head in.

Just say ‘no thank you.” And even if you can’t get through to that incessant but it’s Christmas feeder, take what’s on offer to shut them up and leave it on your plate, or perhaps pass it over to someone else or even bin it. Harsh I know, but it’s better in the trash than in your mouth. You’ll be happy you did it later – trust me. Do the same with the plates of cakes and food that people offload you with. If you can’t bear to bin the food, the very next day take it to a shelter or refuge, to the kids school or to work, they will be very grateful for it.


Routine and good habits can easily go out the window at this time of year, and really this is the beginning of the end. It becomes a fuzzy haze of sugar, booze and repetitive functions.

Whatever your current health routine is stick to it. Make going to your gym session a priority, keep going for your morning walks, drinking your lots of water and having at least 3 set meals a day. Whatever it is that you do all the other days of the year continue; and if you don’t have set positive patterns start now! Even something as simple making a conscious effort to drink a glass of water at breakfast lunch and dinner rather than soft drink or coffee is the beginning of a healthier routine.

Don’t wait to make this a new years’ resolution. A new day starts everyday, why is January 1 so special? Start now with a little walk, or a new activity. It will give you a different focus and a feeling of well -being and achievement and a head start. If you leave it I’m almost certain that on January 1 you’ll wish you had started with these little changes today.


People often tell me that they feel like they are deprived and missing out or even feel antisocial because they’re not eating or drinking. Usually it’s the same people who complain about how their weight holds them back and prevents them from going to the beach, playing with their kids, dressing how they want, simply being down right happy – in so many different ways their weight prevents them from living a fulfilled life.

There is no short cuts to success and achievement. Short cuts are usually the long way around.

Remember Christmas and New Year will come and go as it does every year, and what is left is the aftermath of regret and self deprecation of months of reckless abandon and over indulgence, and in many cases lots of hard work and effort being undone.

What do you really want, to go into 2017 feeling healthy, fit and happy? Or hung over and feeling lousy as a result of a food and booze free for all, all in the name of Christmas, year end celebrations?

Remind yourself daily of your goals, write them down read them, repeat to yourself why achieving your health goals is important to you; especially remind yourself of why you started your journey in the first place. Remember that you are 100% in control of all the decisions and choices that you make, and always remember no one can make you do something you really don’t want to do.

You make the decisions for your life you choose what’s best for you. Simply think and choose the absolute best outcome for yourself, you deserve it. Everyone does.

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