Making right food choices for living healthy

When it comes to Weight Control and ultimately Weight Loss, we’ve all heard the message that losing weight improves our health. Drop the kilos and pick up the health ticks. And no one can argue with this message, as we know that excess fat is bad for our joints and organs, it increases the instance of the holy trinity of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol as well as affects our mental health in terms of anxiety and depression.

All great reasons to lose weight. However something that is rarely considered by people is the concept of eating healthy to maintain weight control.

Making the right food choices, being mindful of portions and limiting the alcohol consumption will not only have you living healthy but your weight stabilises without you actually having to do anything to lose it or reduce it. That’s what BeTrim is based around. Behaviour modification, learning new habits and daily behaviours which set people up for life.

By eating well, your weight control and your health will reflect this. Stop trying to lose weight and start living well. Make the lifestyle changes, and you will be amazed at the results that follow automatically.

Introducing BeTrim Rapid perfect for when you want to kick start your weight loss or just want to give the BeTrim weight control system a trial.

You could lose up to 8 kilos* in the first 2 weeks and be introduced to the BeTrim program and its benefits. After completing the two week BeTrim Rapid program, many of our clients go on to do BeTrim Classic or BeTrim Virtual to further build on their weight loss success.

This pack gives you the structure to begin the BeTrim program for the first two weeks. BeTrim Rapid is not a meal replacement diet. You will be preparing and eating normal foods according to the nutritionally balanced BeTrim program.

Longer Term Weight Loss Choices

Long term results are proven to be most successful with professional education, support and individual monitoring.
For this reason, BeTrim does not recommend the Rapid program for more than two weeks. After this time, we recommend you continue with Classic or Virtual programs if you desire to lose more weight.

* Men can lose a minimum average of 2-3 kilos per week; women can lose a minimum average of 1.5-2 kilos per week.

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