Motivation vs Discipline when it comes to Diet & Weight Loss

When it comes to Diet & Weight Loss, motivation and discipline can be the biggest factors in your weight loss journey.

So whats the difference between these two things? Motivation is trying to feel like doing stuff. Discipline is doing it even if you don’t feel like it.

A Month from Now You'll Wish You Had Started Today

Motivation is (the wrong) thinking, that in order to get something done or to achieve, ‘you need to be in the right head space’ Sound familiar?
The reality is that no one is in the right head space 100% of the time, and to the same degree; and that’s where people become unstuck, because all of a sudden the perfect justification/excuse presents itself, for giving up and no longer trying.

I cant stick to the diet – I’m just not in the right mindset!

The reality is discipline is what allows us to achieve our goals. By learning to cultivate discipline with even the most unglamorous of tasks means that things like ‘feelings and moods are irrelevant’.

Cultivating discipline means that no matter what is going on internally or externally you will continue to do what needs to be done and continue working towards your goals.

Relying on motivation to succeed is a recipe for disaster – motivation wavers and wanes and constantly needs to be topped up in order to for you to keep going. Discipline on the other hand is the ability to push through and routinely keep doing what is necessary in order to get the job done, no matter how badly it sux! And heres the real clanger – the more disciplined you are the better you will feel about whatever task you are doing, and inherently the task will suck less.

So how do you develop discipline? With the tiniest little movement forward, by just committing to doing one thing, and doing it over and over to build and establish it as a habit, this will lead on to another positive habit and another and before you know it you have a positive feedback loop – the more disciplined you are the more you will achieve, and this makes you more disciplined and so on and so on.

Sure chocolate tastes better than salad, but being disciplined to have salad every day rather than chocolate means that everyday you are getting closer and closer to your health goals. So eat the salad!

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