BeTrim Raffaello Coconut Protein Balls.

Here’s a quick and tasty BeTrim Protein snack to make for busy people on the go!

What you will need :
15ml of cream
1 X Scoop of BeTrim AAF Vanilla Flavour Protein Powder
Stevia sweetener
8g of Shredded Coconut (take out 2g from this 8g to roll the balls).

Mix all the ingredients in a thick paste, put it in the fridge for 15 min and then make the small balls. Roll them in the shredded coconut and leave them in the fridge or freezer. I personally make them for the whole week and keep them in the freezer. If you’re lazy or in a rush, you can also mix all the ingredients and eat in a creamy dessert version – taste great too .

I’ve experimented and made them with other shake flavours (coffee, chocolate, strawberry) and they are yummy too. Totally 1.17 points ( 0.5 + 0.67 )