Understanding the concept of failure as part of our journey towards success

A phone call this morning with a client that was feeling quite dejected and defeated by no weight loss success, got me thinking about the concept of failure.

For many of us here in Australia today heralded the return to school for kids after the 2 week holidays and the (demoralising) realisation that all the best intended weight loss success of staying healthy, sticking to healthy eating, mindfulness etc etc went out the window. My client this morning felt like a failure. What she planned to do and what happened were in direct opposition of each other and she wasn’t in a good place.

So this got me thinking about what it means to fail and what is failure when it comes to your weight loss success?

We learn from a very young age that when we fall down, (think of a baby learning to walk) or when we fail an school exam, the way to move forward is to get up and try again or simply study harder. No harm no foul – life goes on.

However as adults navigating life this resilience gets harder, we soon realise that failure can scar us, even change our perspective on the world around us and ourselves. Its so easy to remain stuck in this place consumed by pain and feelings of failure.

However if you simply allow your mind to shift just a little you will see that failure is not something to be feared or avoided, in fact you cannot have success without failure, its all part of it.

Success can only come after so many failures. We learn how to move on from failure and accept it as part of our journey towards success.

Choose to live by choice not by chance, and start making changes not excuses. It is never too late to hit reset.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston S. Churchill

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