Food for improved Mood

I still remember so vividly the excitement I felt at midnight last new years eve, as 2019 rolled over into 2020. So much excitement – I was so determined that this year was going to be my year. Memorable for so many reasons.

I kissed and hugged my family and friends (remember when hugging was normal and no one had heard the term social distancing?) and I literally tingled from excitement.

And so far 2020 has certainly been memorable – not quite what I had in mind that’s for sure but it’s certainly a year I, like so many will unlikely ever forget

Like everyone I have had to scramble to adjust and make many changes since COVID-19 stay at home policies came into effect in March. Apart from the physical changes of shutting my office of 17 years and working from home, whilst trying to balance home schooling of a 10year old, PLUS the craziness of watching people assault each other over toilet paper and supermarkets running out of food, the stay at home orders lead to intense feelings of isolation and disconnect on a level I personally had never before experienced.

I’m not alone, speaking to friends and clients they all echoed the same sentiments.

For many people these emotions have triggered poor eating habits and poor food and alcohol choices and generally a feeling of spiraling out of control.

Apart from the physical ramifications of COVID 19, job loss, financial pressure, and much more the peripheral effects on peoples’ long term mental health has not begun to be realised yet.

Even things return back to a somewhat new normal, these effects will still be with many people for a long time. People will struggle with anxiety and depression well into the future.

Completely understandable and of course people should reach out and seek help through counselling and medication to help deal with this tsunami of emotions. However, never underestimate how much of a difference you can affect by making even a small change in diet. 

Food fuels our body and mind. We eat nutritious foods so that our bodies can grow, repair, and function, and so our brain is fed and fueled adequately. The human brain uses up around 20% of our total daily energy requirements.

When we choose good, nutrient dense foods, we’re providing our body (and brain) with the building blocks they need, to keep us at our best. From vitamins and minerals to healthy fats, all nutrients have a key role in brain health and function. Everything works in balance and there’s synergy in our bodies.

According to Queensland Health Website “Following a healthy pattern of eating is linked with better stress management, improved sleep quality, increased concentration, and better mental wellbeing in general. Just as our food choices affect our physical and mental wellbeing, the opposite is also true – we’re more likely to follow a healthy diet when we’re in a good headspace.

So apart from the benefits of increasing your physical health and your confidence by losing the extra Covid kilos, a change in diet to include more fresh meat, fish, veggies and fruit will have a huge impact on how you feel and how you deal with what’s happening around you at this crazy time. Choose good mood food, do a bit of exercise and see the huge differences it will make for you. When you feel better, you will  choose better and vice versa.

Time to take back control.

Stay safe everyone.

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