What is success?

What is success and how do we define being successful?

I’ve spent many many hours contemplating this question and trying to figure out my own truth;  What is success? Is it being rich? Is it being thin? Is it being popular? At work I listen to client after client tell me that they are miserable and unhappy all because of their weight. “If I lose 20kgs I will be so happy” “When I’m a size 10, my life will change so much”

Essentially I have a stream of people putting their happiness on hold until the scales or that tag in their pants says –  “Hey NOW  you can be happy”

For so many people happiness is a final destination, and this is wrong,  it’s actually a process.

From a young age we are fed a lie to keep us striving, like rats on a wheel we keep chasing that elusive definition of success and happiness.

I was fed the lie by my parents, and teachers and my peers and I bought into it too for a long time too. I even lied to myself.

I was told that  I couldn’t be happy unless I scored  a distinction on my essay or  I came 1st  , I had to be on a six figure salary by the time I was 30, and I had to be living somewhere that had harbour views.  I bought into the lie until I was 20.

 I was 20 when I was diagnosed with MS and then suddenly success took on a very different appearance. Funny how it takes something like this, for the lightbulb to finally go off in your head, I call it my chi-ching moment. That’s when I realised that success can come in many forms and is very much an individual thing. That’s also when I realised that every single win, big or small deserves to be celebrated. Sure we all have those big ULTIMATE GOALS, but in getting to this final destination there’s a journey and the wins you have along the way must also be celebrated.

These little wins are equally important and help to remind us that we are in fact making progress. Its taken me 2.5 years of rehab to get my leg to bend.  I haven’t ditched my walking stick just yet – which is my ultimate goal – but hey muscles that haven’t worked in 20 years are working! Yay to me! Keep going. 

This week 2 clients also had major wins.

Both have an ultimate goal weight and both still have a significant way to go, however one of these clients came in wearing shoes and socks for the first time ever  – thongs are really the only option  when your feet and legs won’t fit into anything else  – so shoes and socks is amazing! Well done! Keep going.

 And awesome client number 2 ran for 60 seconds on the treadmill! When walking and standing is painful then running for any length of time is beyond amazing! Again well done! Keep going. And well done to anyone who, despite feeling crap, and wanting to give up, keeps going . Remember success is a process, not a final destination, and happiness is a choice and it’s a choice that you can make right now.

Celebrate every little victory and every little win every single day – this is the true meaning of success!

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