Within 8 weeks I dropped 2 dress sizes and 10 kilos

I have always been one of those people who was always interested in finding out ways to lose weight. I would read articles about losing 10 kg’s by doing this that or the other and always thought that was unattainable for me.

It sounded easy but I could never really budge the scales more than 1 or 2 kilos. I thought I looked after myself well by rarely eating take away foods, always cooking my meals myself and exercising as much as I could fit in.

Stephanie Tullis

Being a mum of three kids under 7 obviously means time is very limited to focus on myself so I would eat on the run and grab what I could whilst taking care of the kids. I was exercising a lot but I felt the weight after my third child just kept creeping up and up despite my efforts to lose weight.

I finally decided to do extensive blood tests including a 2 hour glucose test just to see if there was any underlying issues I didn’t know about. Sure enough I found out I was insulin resistant and was advised if I didn’t lose weight and cut out sugar I would more than likely end up with diabetes.

I knew Maria had helped family members of mine in the past and decided to bite the bullet and give her a call. It was meeting Maria that was the life changer for me. She finally unlocked for me the mystery that was weight loss.

From the very first meeting with Maria she spoke straight and honestly and explained what to expect and how to start the program in such a clear and precise way. I found the program so easy to follow from the get go and what I found was the best advice that Maria gave me to succeed was to plan ahead. This meant planning what I would eat so I had all the ingredients ready and actually making or at least prepping my meals the day before.

This was the savior to not breaking the program and remaining on track and not being tempted to grab something on the go. I managed to be on the program through Easter, whilst making desserts for my family to eat and also going to functions. I even had a wedding in my first week and Maria gave me the advice I needed to choose what to eat there and get great results in my very first week. I found the accountability, mentoring and guidance that Maria gave in our weekly meetings vital to my success and within 8 weeks I dropped 2 dress sizes and 10 kilos.

Before BeTrim I only ever dreamed that I would be able to achieve this. BeTrim taught me how to make it happen. Now being on maintenance it comes as second nature to me how to maintain the principles of eating I have learnt through BeTrim with a bit of give and take depending on what events are happening from week to week. I now know how to be flexible and maintain healthy eating as part of my everyday habits.

Now being on maintenance Maria is still as accessible to talk to and ask questions as she was when I was in the weight loss phase which I have found very helpful. I would urge anyone who wants to lose some weight, feel great in their clothes and learn invaluable principles about eating to give BeTrim a go.

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